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Pool table moving 2When moving a pool table, complete disassembly is needed. Blankets are used for protection in the home and for wrapping all pool table parts for transporting. Pool table is then loaded safely and securely for transporting. Then it is installed properly by a Professional Certified Billiard Installer who focuses on setting the slate perfectly level.  We can also, upon request, provide boxing and state crating for storing,  


Pool table Assembly 2We specialize in 3 piece slate precision alignment and leveling! Getting your pool table perfectly level is key, no matter what make or model. Our Certified Billiard Installer has set up over 5000 pool tables and gets every single one perfectly level. We also carry hardware (nuts, bolts, screws, etc.) to ensure your pool table is installed perfectly and this guarantees all work is warranted for the pool table installation.

Pool Table Disassembly 2Much care is taken when disassembling a pool table, by taking proper steps in order to ensure no damage occurs to all pool table parts. All staples are removed properly to prevent damage to wood and to cloth from rips and tears when removing and for re-installment. We also supply boxing for pool table parts and wood crating for 3 piece state if necessary.


Pool table recovering 2We can recover your pool table with new high quality cloth of your color choice or use your cloth if desired. When done correctly, there should be no visible wrinkles or slack in the cloth particularly under the rails. Also, inside of the pockets should not have cuts, slits, or staples showing. We know the proper techniques in order to achieve the cleanest and neatest results possible!


Pool Table Cushion Replacement 2Of all billiard services this is the most difficult to repair on a pool table. Installing high quality K-66 rubber cushions requires a large amount of prep work. Old cushions must be removed, surfaces are prepped and cleaned thoroughly of all debris to ensure new rubber cushions adheres permanently. All work meets OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Specifications.


Pool table releveling 2The most important consideration when installing a pool table is getting it perfectly level. Whether you are setting up a brand new pool table or a 100 year old pool table, we provide precision alignment and leveling for 3 piece slate pool tables no matter what make or model. If you feel your pool table needs releveling, we can do so by any means necessary in order to achieve a perfectly leveled pool table guaranteed!

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